A specially developed detector, equipped with pilot lights, is installed above each parking space. It constantly checks if a vehicle is present, or not and immediately sends its observations to a central computer. The computer processes this data in order to update the information supplied to the drivers by easy to understand informational and directional signs, which are installed on each level.
•  Trouble-Free Parking—easy to follow signs and indicator lamps
• Dramatically reduced parking space search time
•  Less stress and frustration
•  Instant guidance, by the shortest route, closest available space!
•  Saves precious time—especially in airports
•  A confident assurance of trouble-free- parking!
•  Savings on fuel & tires
•  Absolute comfort and convenience
•  Less risk of damage to vehicles—easier manoeuvring
Parking guidance system
Parking guidance system
parking guidance system, which help drivers finding their park easily and give the management well control and accurate statistic data.
Guide the driver to free places using informative displays and
crossing detectors, in real-time.
• Full range of light indicators for all kind of facilities.
• Quick and easy equipment installation and adaptable to any
bracket without necessity of tools.
• “FUD” (fake ultrasonic detection) technology to assure maximum
• Communication protocol TCP/IP – Modular – Flexible – Standalone
• “Quicker and Easier” vacant bay finder with green LED indicator
blinking option.
• Scada 3.0 – Multi remote site management software for configuration,
monitoring, statistics and reports with Internet connection.
• Displays with VMS characteristics
• RSS communication
• OPC server for BMS protocol communication
• Management of parking areas and single bay detection according
to occupation.
• Energy Saving system integrated.
• Integrated for Recharging Station for Electric Vehicles