Fire detection systems identify a developing fire at its early stages. Fire alarm systems alert the people within a building that there is a fire, giving them time to move to safety and seek assistance to limit the damage caused by the fire.

Installing a fire detection and alarm system within your premises will make sure that any fire incidents are identified at their very beginning,
minimizing the potential damage to your belongings and harm to your employees.

Al-Shareef has a variety of fire protection systems to suit the requirements of any factories , hospitals, universities commercial premises, including :

Addressable Fire Systems, also referred to as “intelligent” systems, which are the state of the art in alarm technology and are
able to monitor and control the capabilities of each individual alarm-initiating and signaling device.

Conventional Fire Systems, which have been the standard method for providing emergency signaling for many years. These systems are designed to alert by giving basic zonal and alarm calls and are highly suitable for small buildings.

Backed by some of the most prestigious brands in the industry, we carry a reputation for quality and reliability in protecting against fire hazards. We will help you choose the best solution to protect your business against fire.