On Grid Solar

On grid solar applications connect to the utility grid for a highly cost-effective solution that keeps you powered at all times. Solar panels can be installed in a variety of locations, including rooftops, unused land, parking lots or canopies. On grid solar is a smart investment that results in a direct reduction in your electricity bill.

Off Grid Solar

Off grid solar energy applications are ideal for rural or remote areas with no connection to the power grid. As a standalone system, it draws exclusively on the sun for power, but can be backed up with a storage battery. Off grid solar gives you reliable, maintenance-free power at a much lower cost than diesel.

Hybrid Solar

Hybrid solar applications are an excellent choice for businesses who are not close to a power grid and have a high, continuous energy load. Hybrid systems utilize the power of solar with a second energy source, such as diesel or wind. With hybrid solar, you get the benefits of both solar and diesel at a lower monthly cost.

Solar Power Security Camera Systems

Solar Camera Systems are the industry’s finest, next generation remote monitoring and video surveillance solutions. These “Green Power” or Solar Powered units provide cost free, environmentally friendly energy production to sustain year round, and continuous operation

Solar LED Lights

Solar LED Lights are perfect for all kinds of applications including traffic, parking, walkways, remote entry, parks, agriculture or otherwise.

Mobile Surveillance Trailers  

series Surveillance Trailers are industry leading solutions offering rapid, mobile deployment of highly advanced safety, security and surveillance systems. Modular Mobile Surveillance Trailers include countless options for mechanical design, power sources, sensory devices as well as of course security cameras, recording, software to communication options. Modular Mobile Surveillance develops versions which are suitable for use in all markets such as Military, Law Enforcement, Transit Agencies, Construction Companies, Security Services, Oil or Power Industries to other private entities.

The solar lighting towers take the advantages of solar renewable energy and LED light systems. Ideal for construction sites, security and any other applications where on-demand lighting is desired. This system provides cost-effective bright white LED lighting without all disadvantages inherent to diesel lighting systems high operating cost as well as carbon.


Energy conservation and Environment protection

Clean, no pollution

LED lighting system

Fashionable design, European style

Low noise level

Strong construction, can be widely used in many places

Powerful design can load a variety of electric equipment

Safety and reliable low-voltage operation system

Mast 360°rotation and lights 90°adjustment

Free solar analysis & estimate

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