Al shareef Telecom Services is ready to provide consultancy services in Radio and Mobile telecom sector, from systems designs, System implementation, to operation and maintenance including systems evaluations and feasibility studies.

Rollout Management:

  • Strong ability to work on the basis of Turn Key Project.
  • Management of Network roll out.
  • Provide all necessary reports/Statistics as required by the operator.

Site survey

We are able to provide all kind of site survey and assessment from providing Radio candidates, to LOS, Infrastructure, MSCs Room.

Site Construction supervision:

Al shareef Telecom Qualified Staff has the ability to manage and supervise the Construction of the network, we are able to provide the service for many subcontractors/operator. Based on the specification prepared from our part that meets the international standards and approved from our customers. We have to highlight our specialty in MSC and data centre designs and preparation.

Equipment Installations and commissioning:

  • Transmission systems ( MW, Fiber, PDH, SDH, Ethernet)
  • 2G Radio Systems( Ericsson, Siemens, Huawei)
  • 3G Radio Systems ( Ericsson, Huawei, Siemens)
  • Wi-Fi Systems

Network Operation and maintenance:

Based on a SLA Alshareef Telecom Service will provide professional O&M services for the Mobile and Radio Networks:

  • Equipment Maintenance: BS, MW, Fibrotic, BTSs, BSCs, NodeBs.
  • Network Infrastructure: Power Systems, generators, Equipment Rooms, Air conditions, Grounding, Fire Fighting systems. Surge Arrestors, Towers, Masts.
  • Core Network Power systems.