Mustakbal Almawashi is a subsidiary of Abdulrahman Al-Shareef Group founded in 1988. It is specialized in importing and selling fresh and chilled meat and live livestock, products are sold from the farm or barns in Mecca, Jeddah and Ta’if either directly or through the official website or through our official pages on social media. After slaughter, products are delivered to the specified customer’s address.


Our livestock are cleared from the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture after:

  • Reviewing the health documents and certificates.
  • Conducting an external inspection.
  • Taking blood samples, testing them, and ensuring their safety.
  • Verifying average weights.

Slaughter, skinning and cutting

It is done under the supervision of veterinarians from the Municipality of the governorate of Jeddah, where the slaughtering, skinning and cutting takes place as per the request of the client, to be delivered directly to the client via refrigerated cars for transporting meat.


Our Products

Livestock: Spanish, Romanian, Harri, Barbarian, Sawakini, Ibex

And frozen meat imported from Mineva Foods.


Our Location

Jeddah, AlKhumra Slaughterhouse, Barn No. 598.

Palestine Slaughterhouse, Barn No. 39


Shipping and Delivery Details

We comply, throughout the process, to the hygiene and speed standards to provide outstanding service and quality that meets customers’ requirements.


Contact Information

Address: Saudi Arabia – Jeddah – Palestine St. – Sahara Building

Mobile: 0550650033

Phone: 0126600882



we are available on whatsapp 24/7


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