Fire is a hazard in many industries. Sometimes the risk is quite evident, as when flammable gasses like hydrogen and propane are being produced, or handled, but in other situations, it is less obvious. In particular, dust can often be highly combustible. However, fire needs fuel, oxygen and an ignition source. Flammable gasses, vapors and dust provide the fuel, oxygen is present in most environments, and ignition can come from a spark or hot surface. Every fire is dangerous, but in more extreme cases, combustion is so rapid as to cause an explosion.

Preventing fire and explosions is a top priority as no business or organization wishes to be responsible for causing death and injury. In such case, intrinsically safe equipment can be employed. Intrinsically safe equipment are equipment and wiring which are incapable of releasing sufficient electrical or thermal energy under normal or abnormal conditions to cause ignition of a specific hazardous atmospheric mixture in its most easily ignited concentration. This is achieved by limiting the amount of power available to the electrical equipment in the hazardous area to a level below that which will ignite the gases. It is designed so the electrical energy or thermal energy of a particular instrument loop can never be great enough to cause ignition.

Abdulrahman Alshareef Group, in cooperation with Dorland System Control Technology Co., LTD, is providing intrinsically safe radio and communication devices. We have wide range of products such as industrial explosion-proof mobile function/smart-phones, explosion-proof digital cameras, explosion-proof PDA, explosion-proof touch screen, explosion-proof tablet, explosion-proof identification devices (RFID / BARCODE). And can be applied in fields such as Petroleum, oil and gas, Sinopec, refinery, oil tanks, airspace oil storage, Coal Chemicals, dangerous materials transportation, Chemical Products Warehouses, Pharmaceuticals production, bulk & powder, Environment protection, Safety Firefighting, Chemistries, and related solutions.

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