Building Management Systems (BMS), sometimes called a Building Automation System (BAS), is a computer-based system installed to control and monitor a building’s electrical equipment such as ventilation, lighting, energy, fire systems, and security systems. It consists of software and hardware.

A BMS is crucial to managing demand for energy in a cost-effective way and essential to all new builds. It allows owners and landlords of buildings to reduce energy costs and provide optimum comfort for users, tenants and residents of the buildings. It allows remote management of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) so that maintenance staff do not have to spend time visiting each building or room to shut down, switch on or adjust temperature levels or air conditioning.

The primary function of building management systems is most often to control the HVAC, heating, and ventilation systems, but there are other functions as well. The main components of a building management system and their basic functionalities are as follows:

  • HVAC: maintain a specified air state with regard to temperature and humidity; control fans and dampers; control air handling units and fan coil units.
  • Lighting control: turn lights on/off according to a specified schedule.
  • Electric power control: control and monitor core electrical and mechanical equipment.
  • Heating: schedule the system on and off; maintain a set temperature point.
  • Ventilation: adjust based on occupancy controls.
  • Security and observation: access control; surveillance and intrusion detection.
  • Fire alarm system: smoke control system; active alarm locations.
  • Elevators: elevator video display; status system.
  • Plumbing and water monitoring: detect hydraulic flows; open/close valves automatically; monitor/observe temperature deviations.
Benefits of a BMS
  • It protects your most costly equipment by allowing you to keep close tabs on it and ensure it functions properly.
  • It simplifies the management of your facility, making it easy to access and control any area of your building’s operations.
  • It helps your building operate more cost-efficiently through automatic scheduling and occupancy controls.

Likewise, home automation monitors or controls systems like lighting, temperature, home entertainment and even your appliances, letting you control them from your smartphone, tablet or computer – with just the push of a button or a voice command.

While home automation devices are an upfront investment that will add to your expenses as you’re building your custom home, in the long run, they make sense. By investing in home automation, you’re adding convenience to your life, you’re saving money and you’re helping to increase the value of your home.

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