In the modern environment, car parking barriers are necessary for the entrance at any  new residential, industrial, commercial or leisure development. With ever increasing usage of cars on our roads in Saudi Arabia Kingdom, automatic barriers for parking provision is essential in order to provide the essential control required to ensure efficient operation of all parking facilities.

Whatever the industry, purpose or premises, there is a huge range of efficiently engineered car park barrier systems to choose from. These can help restrict areas, control traffic, improve security, and keep car park spaces open and reserved for only authorized personnel.

What Are the Benefits of Car Park Barriers?

There are many benefits of car park barriers. Some of the most prominent ones include:

  • Preventing unauthorized access to a car park,
  • Stopping people who have not paid for their parking from driving away,
  • Improving the flow of traffic into and out of a car park,
  • Preventing cars from driving into and out of a parking facility at high speeds,
  • Making car parks safe by preventing cars from driving into pedestrians or other cars,
  • Restricting access to certain parts of a car park reserved for VIPs or visitors, for example,
  • Improving the security of parking facilities from things like car theft.


Why Automate Car Park Barriers?

A car park barrier system that is automated can run on its own without the need for human assistance. Therefore, once installed, this type of car park barrier design has very few onward costs. Compared to a manually operated system, this means no wages will need to be paid. Furthermore, no cover will need to be arranged for periods of sickness or holiday either.

A car park barrier that has been integrated with an automated payment system – whether this relies on tickets and individual transactions or an account-based system – offers additional benefits. For example, the money that is collected for a car park system will not pass through the hands of an individual and can be accounted for electronically. This cuts down on the chance of fraud or theft.

Finally, automatic barriers look and feel professional these days. Most motorists are used to them in situations where the car park they are using has been invested in. To put it another way, by installing them, you will instantly create a much better impression on anyone who uses the facility to park in.

What Type of Businesses Can Benefit from an Automated System?

Any business with parking facilities can enjoy a return on investment when they install a car park barrier system. They make employees and visitors feel safer when parking so helps to improve business productivity. For retailers, hotels, and restaurants, they help to ensure their parking facilities are not misused, improving their customers’ experience. There again, commercial car park operators will be able to do away with antiquated systems that cost a lot to run and that are open to financial abuse.

Whether it’s a paid car park or one that just needs to restrict unauthorized visitors from entering, car park barriers can cater for a whole range of purposes. With intelligent identification technologies to simple, manual set-ups, car park barriers can benefit a range of properties and purposes:

  • Staff car parks
  • Restricted driving routes
  • Schools
  • Hotels
  • Business parks
  • Logistics centers
  • Hospitals
  • High-security premises
  • Commercial and leisure facilities

Car park barriers offer incredibly efficient and secure solutions to parking security and traffic management. Whatever your industry, property or requirement, contact Al-Shareef Security Company to take you through what car park barrier system could work for you.

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