As the rate of the COVID-19 infection is alarming, Millions of people are waiting out the pandemic at home but many others still have to go to work in industries like food preparation, shipping, and manufacturing, particularly medical equipment.

Studies suggest that COVID-19 can spread before the appearance of symptoms, like cough and fever. But a high fever is associated with the illness. Therefore, Many countries have implemented stricter travel measures to prevent and help to curb the spread of the viruses. One of the methods is by scanning the body temperature of crowd to detect those that develop high temperature.

As the thermal imaging camera comes with an extensive software package with software development kit (SDK), the software can be programmed to discreetly single out people whose skin temperature exceeds the predefined value. It can also be connected with an alarm system to alert engineers and operators. The visual alarm gives the possibility to identify and isolate the suspected person from their companions so that a medical examination can be done. The software can also be programmed to automatically take a snapshot of Infrared images when the person triggers the alarm.

Abdul Rahman Al-Shareef Group is one of the first contributors to work to limit the spread of this virus in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where we have various systems and solutions available for use in various facilities such as border points, airports, schools, hospitals and retail stores.

Recent project requests related to the Virus outbreak:

  1. Security and monitoring for food distribution and supplies
  2. Senior citizen security and surveillance (Assisted living facilities)
  3. Video monitoring of unattended businesses and homes
  4. Real time monitoring of remote employees
  5. Heavy machinery and commercial equipment surveillance
  6. Schools are closed: Monitoring of unsupervised minors

It’s worth to be mentioned that thermal imaging cameras and systems can also be applied on a broad spectrum of industries including: medical, agricultural, industrial, electrical and more.

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