With the launch of Mustakbal Almawashi Company of Abdulrahman Alshareef Group, the company imports large quantities of Brazilian and Colombian steak from Minerva Foods International. It provides frozen striploin and tenderloin steaks, in addition to the livestock that the company offers on its website.
Minerva Company is a Brazilian company, one of the largest companies in meat production and processing in South America with a slaughter capacity of 26,380 heads per day from the company’s facilities spread in Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Colombia, making it the third largest meat exporter in South America. It also exports meat to more than 100 countries around the world.

The Tenderloin Steak is tender and has a low fat content, which makes the effect of marbling less. While Striploin Steak has a strong flavor, it leaves a pleasant flavor in the mouth and is often used in barbecue.

You can order delicious steaks from Mustakbal Almawashi website, where they will be delivered to you within 48 hours in refrigerators to preserve meat.

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