No more wondering which clock has the right time These clocks are synchronized to national and international time standards using a reliable, secure and manageable time server as the system’s master clock. Official time from the time server is broadcast to the clocks by a wireless transmitter. The clocks both receive and transmit the time resulting in a robust and accurate mesh network. Adjustment for DST is automatic and fully configurable.

Synchronize display clocks to computer networks, voice and video systems, telephony, security systems, building automation, access control, fire alarms, electronic record systems, etc. Official time from GPS or dial-up service Wire-free, battery-powered analog (24/110VAC/ PoE also available) Each clock acts as a transmitter and a repeater for a robust wireless mesh network Proven frequency-hopping technology No license require Microprocessor-based clock with automatic calibration Built-in diagnostic mode for easy maintenance.