ATEX two-way radios and accessories are mandatory requirements to keep workers safe in certain environments. The ATEX approval process requires that electrical equipment such as two-way radios meets rigorous safety standards in hazardous areas, where a spark could react with gasses in the air to cause an explosion. ATEX-approved equipment is also known as being “intrinsically safe”.

In the case of two-way radios, “intrinsically safe” means the device is safe to use where the presence of a spark, heat or flame could otherwise create a safety hazard. Intrinsically safe, ATEX-approved radios are manufactured to very stringent requirements to reduce or eliminate the risk of generating even the tiniest spark. They must also limit the heat produced by the device. From the radio-casing to the batteries they use, everything is constructed with safety in mind.

There are many situations where radios are critical to effective operations, yet standard two-way radios could make a hazardous environment even more dangerous.

  • Emergency scenes attended by fire, ambulance and police services
  • Oil rigs and refineries
  • Gas mains
  • Coal mines
  • Chemical plants
  • Engine rooms
  • Factories
  • Airports

Intrinsically safe, ATEX handheld radios, batteries, microphones and PTT adapters and headsets would be mandatory for safe communication in potentially volatile environments like these. We have all these items in stock and can advise you on the most appropriate ATEX accessories.

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