We have engineering experts to
1] Prepare roads with the all required extensions and foundations for illumination works with all 
equipment’s of this investment، according to instructions that are issued by the supervising engineer 
and according to the conditions of the Saudi electricity company. 
2] design ,execute & modify   all electrical work in commercial , Residential & Administrative projects, 
according to instructions that are issued by the supervising engineer and according to  the 
conditions of the Saudi electricity company.
3]execute low voltage switchgears and main distribution boards work containing loads studying , 
substation design ,medium voltage to low voltage  power and measurement transformers 
installations, low and medium voltage cable termination &  all cable accessories work, standby  
generator selection & its ATS installation  and power distribution for end users .
4] execute all electrical  power supply  work for electrical-driven  mechanical machines for example 
motor & local control station  selection and installation. 

Low Current System

We provide support and expertise in design, fabrication and installation of a wide range of low current safety instruments, depending on the type, age and requirements of your building. Some of our areas of expertise include:

Wireless networking system Emergency voice evaluation technology
Fire alarm system and management BMS system
Video conferencing Public address system (PA)
Audio /visual streaming IP-CCTV
RFID tracking SMTV/ IPTV
Active master clock Structured cabling networking (SCN)


We have engineering experts to install:

Transformers – Transformers such as single-phase, control, distribution, three-phase transformers current and voltage transformers.

Switchgears – Switchgears are used to protect the main electrical power systems. We install gas insulated switchgears, low/medium/high voltage, auto-recloser switchgears, surge protection protective relays and energy metering systems.

Distribution panels – Also known as distribution board, or panel-board, it is an electricity supply system component that divides an electrical power into subsidiary circuits.

Generators – Gas, diesel and electric engines, generators of different kinds.

Others – Underground cables up to 34.5 KVA, cable trays for covering and supporting insulated electric cables used for power distribution as well as communication. We install different kinds of lighting and illumination systems, end points.