According to the Highway Administration, traffic intersections are “planned points of conflict in any roadway system.” People, whether walking on foot, on a bicycle, or in a motorized vehicle will cross paths with vehicles. A study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that 36 percent of all crashes are intersection related. Not surprisingly, intersections are a major cause of inner city congestion leading to delays and citizen frustration and therefore a major concern of traffic management centers when it comes to safety.

Pelco works diligently with traffic officials to ensure the needs of the city are met with a comprehensive traffic management solution that protects drivers and pedestrians. The scalability and flexibility of Pelco traffic monitoring solutions allow officials to add cameras, integrate with third party systems, share video across organizations and extend analytic capabilities as the city grows.


Pelco high performance cameras with edge analytics are ideal for monitoring and detecting traffic flow. Once cameras are installed, analytics can be turned on, off or adjusted as needed. Video analytics are extremely accurate and can be collected over long periods of time without fatigue. Analytics capture information such as the total number of vehicles or pedestrians traversing a defined area, and the number traveling in each direction. Data collected from video analytics is essential in engineering studies designed to reduce localized pollution, get drivers to their destinations more efficiently, and make intersections safer for pedestrians and bicyclists.


Pelco analytics deliver real-time alerts so Traffic Operations Managers can rapidly assess and respond to a situation. Additionally, VideoXpert video management system contains incident management tools that aid officials in gathering more information and filing incident reports. The platform allows officials the flexibility to control more than 1,000 roadside cameras that monitor city traffic flow on intersections, roadways, bridges and tunnels, and alert city officials to any possible threats or incidents. VideoXpert also integrates with a variety of third-party systems, which results in a proactive approach to overall traffic management operations.