Thermal Cameras detect COVID-19

March 28th, 2020|

As the rate of the COVID-19 infection is alarming, Millions of people are waiting out the pandemic at home but many others still have to go to work in industries like food preparation, shipping, and manufacturing, particularly medical equipment. Studies suggest that COVID-19 can spread before the appearance of symptoms, like cough and fever. But a high fever is associated with the illness. Therefore, Many countries have implemented stricter travel measures to prevent and help to curb the spread of the viruses. One of the methods is by scanning the body temperature of crowd to detect those that develop high temperature. As the thermal imaging camera comes with an extensive software package with software development kit (SDK), the software can be programmed to discreetly single out people whose skin temperature exceeds the predefined value. It can also be connected with an alarm system to alert engineers and operators. The visual alarm gives the possibility to identify and isolate the suspected person from their companions so that a medical examination can be done. The software can also be programmed to automatically take a snapshot of Infrared images [...]

PoC (PTT over Cellular) is now available in KSA with Al Shareef Group

September 30th, 2019|

Push-to-talk over cellular (PoC) solutions first appeared on the market over a decade ago following the release of the first set of specifications drawn up by the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) in June 2005. PoC had some take up in North America using 2G and later 3G services, but made little headway in Europe. All that has changed in the last two to three years thanks to the roll out of commercial 4G LTE networks. 4G delivers the data speeds and low latency to rival PMR systems, which has helped to transform PoC into a seriously attractive proposition for many (although by no means all) organisations, particular those for whom communications are not necessarily business or mission critical.   PoC platform providers have emerged in North America and Europe offering better Quality of Service (QoS), reliability, availability, security and support for third party applications, than those available to normal mobile phone consumer subscribers. What these PoC platforms offer is traditional PMR type services, but over commercial 4G LTE cellular networks.   There are two main approaches to how PoC platforms offer their service: static [...]

Al Shareef Group, Certified Installer for Cambium Networks Equipment

July 16th, 2019|

Cambium Networks is an American leading global provider of wireless broadband solutions that connect the unconnected with wireless fabric broadband solutions purpose-built for demanding environments and unique challenges, empowering community, enterprise, and progress through connectivity worldwide. The company provides a wide range of products and solutions for many fields of business such as Point-to-point Backhaul, Point-to-multipoint Distributions, ePMP, cnReach IIoT, cnPilot Wi-Fi, and cnMatrix. Since Al Shareef Group is a qualified distributor of Cambiums Networks’ products, the group of companies became a certified installer for Cambium Networks equipment and products. And it has a qualified team of technicians who are experienced and well-educated in the field.

Launching Mjnna Online Marketplace

June 20th, 2019|

Markets are a mirror of society: It reflects its people, economy, traditions and norms. In its popularity, you speak of  a fruitful, young and a strong community, and it may expand beyond place, and linger through the ages. Mjnna Store was one of the three major markets of ancient Arabs at Hajj Season beside Okaz Market and Thil Majaz Market. It used to be held in Kinana’ lands near Makah in the last ten days of Dhu al-Qa'dah. It was a major trade market for all Peninsula’s merchants who would come from near and afar to present all kinds of products that famed their lands. Based on our wish to revive the ancient history of our region, and in an attempt of merging the genuineness of history with modernity, we established the electronic market of Mjnna Store  which contains different categories that include wide range of products to meet the needs of the consumer. This is done in cooperation with vast group of suppliers, vendors, and merchants in order to safely and practically supply the consumer with the products that fulfill their needs. Mjnna [...]

Al Shareef Telecom Golden Reseller at Motorola Solution

May 12th, 2019|

    A successful manufacturer depends strongly on aggressive, professional supply chain, from distributors, resellers, market channels, retailers etc. when each organization masters its role in the chain, the benefit will be awarded to the full chain.   Here is where Al Shareef telecom shows one of its facets as a successful company. Being a reseller for Motorola Solution, AAG strives to reach more clients and to gain more revenues. Year after another, its professionality and commitment ranked it among the best. The hard work of its salesmen gained clients’ satisfaction, which in turn raised the revenues of Motorola Solution’s products and services. By the beginning of March, 2019, and for its good achievements and expertise in telecommunications, Motorola Solutions granted Al Shareef telecom, in Saudi Arabia, the level of Golden partner, and authorized it to sell and promote its products and services, in particular:   Software and Solutions LTE Devices Professional Commercial Radio Professional and Commercial Radio Devices Unlicensed Radio Consumer Radio Business Radio TETRA TETRA Devices TETRA DIMETRA Express The mission has not completed yet, as Al Shareef Telecom will achieve the [...]

Applications World EXHIBITION 2018

October 2nd, 2018|

Applications world forum is considered the only of its kind in The electronic Applications sector which gathers applications owners, beneficiaries, investors and emerging projects to keep up with the vision of 2030 to turn the economy from traditional into digital. RITZ CARLTON. JEDDAH, SAUDI ARABIA  4-5-6 October  

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