Under the patronage of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz, the first session of the World Defense Show was launched in Riyadh, organized by the General Authority for Military Industries, and ran from 6th to 9th of March 2022. The exhibition aimed to glimpse the latest activities and technical achievements in the fields of Defense and information security, opening the way for participants to review the latest equipment and systems in this sector.

Abdul Rahman Al-Shareef Security Group was one of the participants in the show; Its contribution to the show was in the field of mission-critical communications; which is telecommunications devices and systems that provide secure communication at all times, and is the basis of the function of emergency services, and government sectors concerned with public health and safety.

Al-Shareef Security Group presented advanced solutions, and its booth at the show attracted a large number of local and foreign visitors, and obtained promising partnerships with many enterprises and interested parties, due to the security, safety and reliability provided by its devices in the field of communications, and its benefits and services that facilitate the communication process for mission groups in a safe and innovative way.

Al-Shareef Security Group always seeks to advance the wheel of development, keep pace with technological achievements in this field, follow up on everything new and integrate it with what is available, to raise the level of reliability, and provide optimal solutions to jointly raise the level of the Kingdom.